Beshton software Inc provides the following services:

SAP Integration

We have many years experience on application integration. If your products / projects need SAP resource for managing data between SAP and your own system, we are the experts to help you.

SAP consultancy

We have many SAP experts. They are ready to help you on any SAP questions you may have. We are specialize in the following areas:

  • ABAP programming
  • SAP Basis, includes application installation, migration, upgrade, security management, performance tuning, backup and recovery etc.
  • SAP BW, Portal, CRM, SRM, Netweaver etc. We follow up with SAP new technology closely. We can help you define your company product architecture or your IT solution landscape.

SAP system access

If you do not have SAP system available, we can provide SAP server remote access with plenty authorization. We have IDES system. It is perfect service if you are independent consultant and do not have SAP system available or you just want to play with it for a short period of time. For long term, permanent access, please contact SAP.

Web Design

We have very experienced web designer. If you are using Interwoven as your content management solution, we will be able to help you maintain the website, create templates etc.

Extra Resources for your projects

If you are a project manager and looking for experienced professional to help on your project, we will be available to provide highly trained professional to get your project done on time.