ASIC chip design

ASIC design is a methodology of cost and size reduction of an electronic circuit, product or system through miniaturization and integration of individual components and their functionality into a single element – an Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC).

According to Moore’s Law, the number of gates or transistors doubles after every 18 months and is growing to extremely high densities per IC. Rapidly growing technology in logic, parallelization, CAD tools, and memory promises continued advancement in the next 15 years. With the help of CAD tools, high-level descriptions can be translated into specific functions such as registers, microcontrollers, ALU, control units and more.

Beshton has resources, engineers specialize on ASIC design.  Our team of ASIC engineers appreciate both cost and performance challenges faced by product designers. This allows us to make informed architectural recommendations, resulting in system level architecture that yields not only the most cost effective analog or mixed signal ASIC, but more importantly, the most cost-effective product.

We are inherently motivated to understand our customer’s product to its most minute details, so that our IC designs facilitate not only market success of the customer’s product lines, but also to maximize production volume opportunity for our analog and mixed signal ASICs. Contact us for details.